Operating regulations

We gathered all the documents and make it simple to write:

1. Do not publish or comment on any issues of politics, religion, ethnicity; do not use the word antisocial, obscene, threatening, insulting or hurting individuals, units or other organizations; do not upload, post, email, transmit or provide brochures, promotional, “junk mail”, “spam”, “mass mailer”,… and other information which users undesirable, allowed or wrong theme under discussion.


* Participants – Industry – Switch to a Chapter/Mastermind Group

2. Participants: Business Owner/Director/Sales Director/Business Development Director.

3. Membership shall be on any usual industries but life insurance and multi-level business in any form.

4. One Chapter consists of many Mastermind Groups. Those members in the same industry may join the same Chapter but different Mastermind Group. Members are required to obtain the approval by BOD of Chapter for changing registered industry.

5. Each member shall join one Chapter at a time. Members are allowed to switch go through a chapter other participants over 06 months at the current chapter and Executive Board members of the chapter that want to move to consent in writing (email). If membership fee are less than 03 months member should pay new fee as a new member.


* Membership Fees (Initation, Global, Chapter) – Fee retaining – Sanctions

6. Membership Fee

– Initiation fee (Initialize new member): 50 $ USD (one installment). To be paid to GMD. 

– Global fee (For maintaining and developing BusinessPro Global): To be paid to GMD. 

– Chapter fee (Organise activities of the Chapter): To be paid to BOD of Chapter.

7. Membership fees may be retained for maximum 01 year applicable to those members who get ill without suitable replacement.

8. Upon the date of expirary, member shall pay Global feewithin 15 days after receipt of notification, otherwise his/her membership is no available more.

9. Members shall pay remedies for non-compliance or breach of Chapter rules. These revenues are included in the Chapter’s budget and the Chapter decides on its intended use.


* BForum Participants – Replacement – Absence

10. Quarterly BForum attendance is required. If a member is absent, he/she is able to send another person as replacement. The replacement is required to be a member of the Board of Directors.

11. Members who are absent from two or more sessions will receive a reminder letter, and if absent from three consecutive sessions, will their membership will be terminated.


* Term of Mastermind Group Facilitator

12. Each Mastermind Group has 01 Mastermind Group Facilitator. Each Mastermind Group Facilitator has 6 month term andshall be elected by Masterming Group members and approved by the BOD of Chapter.

13. Benefiaciary to a chance of participating in local BOD of Chapter.


* Term of the BOD of Chapter/Global

14. The BOD of Chapter includes 1 Chairman, 1 Vice Chairman, 1 Manager of Secretary/Treasurer, 1 Manager of Communications and Events Section, Manager of Training Section.

The BOD of Chapter shall includes members who are currently or used to be a Mastermind Group Faclilitator.

Electtion of BOD of Chapter is available in the condition of 25 members and 3 Mastermind Group and above.

The Board has one year term, shall be elected by Chapter members and approved by the BOD of Global.

15. The BOD of Global includes 1 Chairman, 1 Vice Chairman, 1 Manager of Secretary/Treasurerand Vice Chairmen.

The Board has two year term and shall be elected by BOD of Chapter members.

BusinessPro Global reserves the right to terminate a member’s membership at any time without prior notice if he/she violates the operating regulations.