Go Global by BMatching

B2B, B2C with more than 2.500 enterprises and investors from 20+ countries belong to APEC+

[ free for 01 year ]

* BMatching is a mobile application that allows members to global business connection

* APEC is composed of countries: Australia, United States, China, Hong kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, UAE, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam


– Building up a community of 2,500 manufacturer companies, import enterprises and distribution companies

– Building up a community of 2,500 construction

– Building up a community of 2,500 commercial/service businesses

– Building up a community of 2,500 investors

Participants and conditions of participation:

1. Enterprises:

– Enterprises specializing in production, import or distribution; construction; trade and service

– Participants: Director/ Sales Director/ Market Development Manager

– Each business introduces 1 business to participate

2. Investors:

– Members of the Board of Directors of at least 1 company

– Financial evidence with current balance from $500,000

Participation fee:

– Free for 01 year BusinussPro Global membership fee (global fee), Standard package (scope: global connection) 

* Local operating fee: Depending on the policy of each chapter in local and the budget for activities such as organizing BForum program, BBalance program, birthday, opening ceremony, etc. 

* Initiation fee: 1 time payment only: 50$ USD

* Finding out the packages here: www.businesspro.global/benefits


1. BMatching application (online; scope: global connection) 

– Directly discussion with business 

– Looking for market development partners 

– Searching for chain linked partners 

– Seeking for business and investment opportunities

* Finding out the features here: www.businesspro.global/bmatching

2. BForum program (offline; for business)

– BForum is a business discussion program between members and guests which are monthly periodical operated of the chapter 

* BForum organization conditions: from 25 members /chapter

* Finding out the program here: www.businesspro.global/bforum


Please provide the following information and send it to GoGlobalByBMatching@gmail.com. We receive the documents and contact with your business in order to consult, evaluate and guide how to use the BMatching application.

 1. Business’s information:

– Tax code:

– Company:

– Industry:

– Products/Services:

– Desired market (province/city, country):

– Address:

– Phone:

– Email:

– Website: 

2. Representative’s information:

– Full name:

– Position (*):

– Phone:

– Email: 

– Facebook ID (if applicable): 

(*) Director/Sales Director/Market Development Director

Deployment plan:

– Phase 1 [15th March 2018 – 1st June 2018]: For the group of producing, importing and distributing enterprises 

– Phase 2 [15th April 2018 – 1st July 2018]: For the group of construction enterprises and the group of trade/service enterprises 

– Phase 3 [15th May 2018 – 1st August 2018]: For the group of investors (working independent with the group of business on the BMatching)

Media channel:

– Business association 

– Introduction from business 

– Management Board of industrial zones, economic zones 

– Media 


– Social network 

– Email marketing 

– Fair/ exhibition

Organization unit:

BusinessPro Global

BusinessPro Global is a global business connectivity organization for businessman and investor, established from 2009. BusinessPro Global is operated under the philosophy “When we help people around us succeed, we will be happy and more successful”

* Finding out the overview of BusinessPro Global here: www.businesspro.global/about-us