Go Global by BMatching

An online B2B, B2C platform for global business

[ free for 01 year ]

Australia, United States, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, UAE, Russia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Cambodia, Viet Nam.

1. Participants and conditions of participation:

Small and medium enterprises

– Participants: Business Owner/Director/Sales Director/Business Development Director

– Each business introduces 1 business to participate

2. Participants’ benefits:

– Directly discussing with global business

– Searching for buyer – seller – link chain – supporting connection

– Seeking for business and investment opportunities

* Standard Package (on BMatching application):

+ Directly exchange with members of the local group (1-n Chat)

+ Directly echange with any member in provinces of your country (Chat 1-1)

+ Directly echange with any member in global (Chat 1-1)

+ Search for members in provinces of your country (Contacts)

+ Search for members in global (Contacts)

+ Send requests to buy – sell to a group of members by industries in provinces of your country (Matching): 5 times/month

+ Receive news about events, exhibitions in provinces in your country or worldwide (News)

+ Refuse receiving information from other members (Block)

+ Receive notified messages from the system (Notification)

* Finding out the packages (Basic, Standard, Premium): www.businesspro.global/benefits

3. Membership fee:

– Global fee: Free 01 year, Standard package

– Local fee: Depending on the policy of each local chapter in local. The budget applicable for such activities as BForum, BBalance, …

– Initiation fee: USD 50 (1 time payment only)

4. Registration:

Please fill out the form and send it to GoGlobalByBMatching@gmail.com. We will do the following: Verification of documents, advice and guide on next steps.

To: GoGlobalByBMatching@gmail.com

Subject: [Country] – [City], Confirmation of participation in the program


* Business information:

– Country:

– City:

– Business license:

– Company’s name:

– Industry:

– Products/services:

– Targeted customer:

– Desired markets (City, Country):

– Address:

– Telephone:

– Email:

– Website:

* The representative information:

– Full name:

– Gender:

– Date of birth (dd.mm.yy):

– Position:

– Mobile phone:

– Email:

– Hobby (if applicable):

– Facebook ID (if applicable):