BBalance – Balancing life:

BBalance is a program for balancing, consists of 5 parts: Meditation, yoga, qigong, purification and nutrition.

* When: Daily.

* Where: In your local area.

* What: Practice and practice.

* Who: Members.

1. Meditation is a method that helps us to live fully in the present and look deep peace in our souls. Meditation gives us the benefits both physically and mentally.

2. Yoga is the way we can help prevent, repel disease and improve health.

3. Qigong is a method that helps us to increase the Qi in the body. Advocacy bone tendons, internal organs to inform the way for Qi in the body.

4. Purification of the body’s toxic disposal methods long buildup, the body healthy and good sleep. We can purify 1 day, 3 days, …

5. Nutrition can prevent disease and improve health. Moreover, Nutrition are natural philosophies, the law of yin-yang and elevated to become a Tao of Nutrition. With gratitude, respect for nature, people and even diseases.