Apply for Membership

* Conditions for membership:

– Representative: Business owner / director.

Step 1: Enterprises understand the value BusinessPro Global and what we bring

– Refer to information in

– Attend counseling programs for businesses (if any).

Step 2: Enterprise completes registration dossiers and sent to Global Memberships Department (GMD):

– Member registration form: Download here.

– Business registration certificate.

– 1 avatar picture.

Step 3: BusinessPro Global review applications

– Chapter Executive Committee (if any) for approval.

– Executive Board approved the final BusinessPro Global.

Step 4: BusinessPro Global advising member enterprises choose suitable package

– 3 membership packages: Basic, Standard and Premium.

Step 5: Enterprise membership fee payment

– Global fee: We use Global fee for activities to maintain and develop BusinessPro Global.

– Local fee: Depending on the policies of each chapter. Local membership fee for that chapter’s Executive Board. The budget for such activities as organizing programs BForum, BBalance, birthday, member’s office opening ceremony, …

– Initiation fee: US$50 (one-time).

Step 6: Enterprise is an official member

– GMD will notice is now an official member to the members (of the chapter) via email and BMatching.

* In the first 2 months, GMD 24/7 member support and guide members to understand and use effectively the activities of the BusinessPro Global.

Step 7: Members invite businesses to be members

– The purpose of developing members those who have selective relationship.

– Each member is invited at least two participating enterprises and corporate members are invited to complete step 5.

Step 8: Members use BMatching

– GMD issuing BMatching to its members.