Apply for Membership

* Conditions for membership:

– Participants: Business Owner/Director/Sales Director/Business Development Director.

– Recommended by 1 existing member.

Step 1: Completing application forms and procedures to send to Global Memberships Department (GMD):

– Application form: Download here.

– Business license.

– 1 picture of representative.

Step 2: BusinessPro Global review and verify applications.

– MGF/BOD of Chapter (if any) review.

– GMD approves.

Step 3: Payment of membership fee

– Initiation fee (Initialize new member): 50 $ USD (one installment). To be paid to GMD. 

– Global fee (For maintaining and developing BusinessPro Global): To be paid to GMD. 

– Chapter fee (Organise activities of the Chapter): To be paid to BOD of Chapter.

Step 4: Notification of an official member

– GMD will notify to all ongoing members (in the same Chapter) that you are now an official member via email and BMatching app.

* VAT 10% not included