About Us

Established in 2009, BusinessPro Global is an organization of global business connections setting personal factors as the basis for our philosophy When we help the people around to succeed, we will be happier and more successful”.

Vision: Building a prosperous and happy business community.

Mission: Supporting and promoting global business to sustainable development.

Core values:

– Cooperation: Trust and respect based cooperation for long-term development together.

– Accountability: Be responsible for self and community.

– Integrity: Sincere and consistent in speech, thought and action.

– Prosperity: Rich knowledge, rich physical.

– Transformation: Non-stop learning, creativity and development.

Membership benefits:

– Improved personal development.

– Enhanced business development.

– Balanced life.

Membership criteria:

– Participants: Business Owner/Director/Sales Director/Business Development Director.

– Recommended by 1 existing member.

Members by Mastermind Group and Chapter:

Mastermind Group is a business group, comprising of 3 – 10 regular members without overlapping industry but similar experience and knowledge. All members shall meet and discuss in person on regular basis (weekly/monthly or as requied: as per BMastermind steps) and online in BMatching app.

Chapter is a group of local entrepreneurs. One Chapter includes many Mastermind Groups. Members of the same industry may participate in the same Chapter but different Mastermind Group. All members shall meet and discuss in person (quarterly; as per BForum steps) and online in BMatching app.